Bandai Namco Entertainment and Mojo Bones are happy to announce that Impact Winter is now available on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4 and the Xbox Store for Xbox One. Previously only released on STEAM, the players can now prove their skills on consoles.

“Launching on consoles represents a big milestone for us – and the end of a very long journey. We started with a modest concept back in 2014, and over the course of development, we’ve learned a huge amount, with the game becoming much more than we first imagined. The small team here at Mojo Bones are incredibly proud of what we’ve created”, Stuart Ryall, Co-founder and game designer of Mojo Bones Ltd commented on their blog. “But most of all, we’d like to thank you – the people who support us and our work. From the friends and colleagues who gave us their valued opinions, to the original Kickstarter backers who stood by us before the game was even in full-time development.”

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In Impact Winter, players will need to help Jacob and his team of 4 survivors holed-up in an abandoned church and try to survive until the rescue timer reaches zero. Team management and survival skills will be essential! Thanks to a robot companion named Ako-Light, it will be easier to drill for supplies, explore new areas, light darkened interiors and empty nights, carry your supplies and track the location. Help is coming, will you survive until then?

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