On this episode of Speakin’ Geek, the lads are away but Graham was lucky enough to attend Dublin Comic Con this past weekend so we have a bunch of fun interviews with some incredible talent.

Graham got to talk about Declan Shalvey and Philip Barrett about their new title Savage Town, a brutal look at crime in Limerick City. It’s a brutally poignant comic depicting life in Limerick City and it’s a comic everyone should check out.

Graham chatted with Tracy Sayers about her work on Freya her mythic adventure story about a faerie/human hybrid. Her origins, her other work on sites like Geek Ireland and discussed her appreciation of the talent of the young artist she has with her.

Also, Graham sat down with Gareth Luby about his incredible work, reminiscent of legendary artist Todd Nauck. They talk about his history with hair and Graham sadly goes off on a ridiculous tangent, but don’t worry he reigns it in.

Finally, Graham reunites with Paddy Lennon famed author of the Flare series as they reminisce about how Graham and Paddy have discussed this series through every year of its inception. Not only that Paddy talks about his love for action figures and how his panel on them became the number. 2 thing to do at Dublin Comic Con this year. Check out all the links below to check out their work and be sure to spread the love for Irish born talent. Stay tuned for next episode when Steve and Graham bring down The Dark Tower.






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