European Games Week comes to Ireland from the 16th – 22nd of September at Croke Park. The event will feature 7 days of gaming, with over 10,000 attendees from around the world.

Featuring industry leaders at the European Games Summit & the best gaming has to offer at the European Games Festival.

The event will be Ireland’s first true main event encompassing all avenues of gaming for all ages from industry leaders to young families to hardcore professionals

What’s on offer at European Games Week

European Games Festival (EGF) – The main event of the week will feature a 2-day event for families and gamers in Croke Park. Throughout the weekend, EGF will feature never played before activities, first time in Ireland actors from some of the best games in the world and Ireland’s largest ever Fortnite event. What’s on offer:

Fortnite – After the success of Ireland’s largest Fortnite tournament at RDS last year at Dublin Games Festival, EGF will bring it back but this time bigger than ever before. Featuring 10 tournaments and 100 participants per tournament over the course of the two days. Saturday from 10am will feature a Solo’s 6 round tournament with €1,000 up for grabs and Sunday will feature a Trio’s 6 round tournament with again €1,000 up for grabs. From 1pm on the hour will feature single round last man standing knockouts with €100 up for grabs for each winner. This will truly be Ireland’s largest ever Fortnite event which is supported by Epic Games on a closed server.

Hado – Hado uses AR technology to facilitate live interactive Dodgeball gaming events.

Special Guests – Featuring lead voice actors from Resident Evil 2 Remake, Final Fantasy, Nier Automata & Devil May Cry.

Other features at EGF:

–          Roaming VR

–          Early & VIP Access (9am – 10am)

–          Esports

–          Arcades, Expo

–          Free-2-Play Area

–          Artists & Vendors

–          Snap Happy Photo Booths

–          Indie Developers

–          Children’s Entertainment

–          Content Creators Stage featuring YouTube stars from around the world

–          Sensory Rooms

–          Over 18’s Area Including Full Bar

–          VIP Lounge

–          Cosplay

European Games Summit – After the success of Dublin Games Summit last year the newly named The European Games Summit (EGS) will feature across the first 3 days of the event from the 16th – 18th of September.

–          64 talks

–          Over 600 industry experts & gamers

–          Workshops

–          Networking opportunities

–          Track features: Game Development, Current & Future Trends, esports & Diversity & Arts.

–          Featuring speakers from Google, Eidos Montreal, Double Fine Productions, DIGIT Games, Microsoft and more.

–          Pre-event party

–          Industry party

Mid-week events:

–          19th September

–          IMIRT Game awards

o   Shining a light on Irish Gaming talent

–          20th September

o   Educational Pop-ups (Gaming & Development)

–          21st September

o   Resident Evil Pub Crawl with lead actors from the game

There is so much to do at the event this year. I personally am intrigued by the Resident Evil Pub Crawl. Though I also am interested in meeting Reuben Langdon aka Dante from Devil May Cry. Be sure and head on over to the official website to purchase your tickets.

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