Chapter 4: Luck is running out

Here I am. In full preparation mode to go back to the heart of rage. Hoping that Kratos might slay those giants because my trigger finger is aching. What have I learned in the few days playing Anthem, you might ask…

Well, there is a poor old lady, who lost her son as a child. I say it is me when she asks until she finally realises that I am not her son and starts the healing process. Annoying Brooklyn 99 guy has disappeared. There is a cliché German fashion designer who is camp gay. EA, do you know that not all German men and not all gay men are camp? Oh, and the beta mission has been moved from level 10 to level 20+.

By talking to other players I have discovered a great injustice. I was given the Legion of Dawn Edition to review. This edition includes two legendary items with 35% Lunch bonus each. So my luck is 70% higher than most other players. I have spoken to many level 20-30 players and found out that a lot of them HAVE NEVER GOTTEN AN EPIC ITEM. I, on the other hand, get between 4-10 each mission. While I am happy that I do get those, I am also massively disappointed with EA. This kind of thing ruins the equality of each player and lessens the fun to great effect.

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Within the last 1.5 weeks, I have noticed less and less players being available for missions. First, it was 3 instead of four and the last two missions I had to go it alone. I am level 26 now and cannot believe that no other player is available to do the last few missions. This means that, for now, this will also be my last entry. The missions now boil down to me hitting the trigger button for 30 minutes on my own. I may finish Anthem in the near future, but all in all, it feels like the game is breathing its last breaths and the boosters are burned out…

Steve… singing off

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