It has been 5 years of Critical Role ladies and gentlemen. Let that sink in guys because that is incredible. The series debuted on Geek and Sundry with a cast of actors we all knew and loved. Leading these misfits was Matt Mercer a seasoned D&D player.

As each episode began we followed the trials and tribulations of Vox Machina a band of eccentric adventurers who roamed the world of Exandria first saving towns but then graduating to saving the world from several apocalyptic events.

Over the course of the 5 years, they have had 2 long-running campaigns, multiple one-shots and a ton of special guests. From Critical Role, an outstanding, international, multi-generational fandom was born. We are known as Critters and so many creatives have been born from us as well including the stunningly talented Wendy Sullivan (a particular favourite artist of mine).

The achievements of Critical Role

Thanks to Critical Role a lot of funds have been raised for charities all across the world over the course of the 5 years. If you’d like to learn more be sure and check out their Charity section on their official website.

Another of their biggest achievements has been what they achieved on behalf of gamers across the globe. Due to the insane success of the series role-playing tabletop games have gone through a kind of a Renaissance. People around the world FINALLY understand the appeal of these games and the societies based around them. Not only that as a knock-on effect there has also been a rise in the popularity of tabletop games a whole.

Also there was a HUGE surge in streaming across the globe of gaming groups. I myself listen to the Adventure Zone another brilliant tabletop gaming series (I highly recommend). It is wonderful to see/listen to all these stories and watch these mini families come together and bring you into their world.

The future

With all they’ve done Critical Role has gone from strength to strength and now the future is looking even brighter. With the announcement of their Kickstarter campaign which would create an animated version of their adventures, fans were blown away at the opportunity to back the adventure to a more intimate degree.

Fans were so excited that Critical Role’s campaign broke record after record as it was flying through its campaign. Check out the article here to learn more.

My experience with Critical Role

I myself have had a hell of an experience with the gang. I got to meet Karish and Matt years ago in Galway at a Con and they were awesome. But I would have to say my favourite experience has been with Liam O’Brien. I interviewed him for an early, early episode of my podcast about his career and then when Critical Role was in its first year I chatter with him, Marish and Matt and it was a delight. Check out the interview with Matt, Marish and Liam on the attached link below:

Guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I hope you too are celebrating Critical Role wherever you are and finally as a wise man once said, “Is it Thursday yet?”

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