Ladies and gentlemen, I am a fan of Dragon Ball Z. If you know me and see most of the games I review and films I love you will know this. However, for those who don’t, I want to let you know before I get into this particular thought process of mine. E3 2019 has ended and with it dreams have been realised (Final Fantasy VII Remake release date) but there have also been crushing disappointments. One particular game announcement that I was unimpressed by was Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

What is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

For those unsure what Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is I’ll explain: It’s yet another game from Bandai Namco Entertainment which retells the story of the legendary Saiyan Goku aka Kakarot. It’s been described as an Action RPG but from what we’ve gleaned from the trailer is that it’s another beat ’em up where you fight all the villains of Dragon Ball Z again.

I could be wrong but first impressions are important and this is seriously unimpressive. Check out the trailer for it below:

I’m being honest this is nothing new and seems quite unimpressive. How many times will we be made replay the same arcs over and over again? Could they not release a game based on the Dragon Ball Super anime? That at least gives players and fans the opportunity to take on the new opponents Goku and the Z Warriors face, like Hit, Goku Black, Beerus, and Jiren.

So what can be done?

I have an idea and since there is a brain trust for the Dragon Ball franchise I thought maybe they would try this out. Why not bring out a new game titled Dragon Ball Z: Broly 🙂

Just imagine it: A whole game about how Broly survived on Vampa with his father Paragus.

The game would be canon and would follow the Legendary Super Saiyan from his youth all along the four decades before he met Frieza. It could be a game where you the player have to survive on the planet contesting with the beasts on it as well as the brutality of Paragus.

Then the game culminates with the player fighting Goku and Vegeta. You could see that universally adored film from yet another point of view. This would be the perfect opportunity to explore another side of the Universe of Akira Toriyama.

Give us the nitty gritty

Players would have to survive in a brutal environment against brutal beasts and each time you’d see the progression of Broly as a character and you as a player. The gameplay in my opinion would in the same vein as the Souls games. There is even an inbuilt mechanic in the Dragon Ball Universe – the Zenkai boost.

Everyone knows that if a Saiyan is on the edge of death and recovers they come back even more ferocious. This mechanic coupled with the game mechanics of a Souls game would be outstanding. I feel with this latest game the Dragon Ball games have become stagnant. They need to step out of their comfort zone and take a risk.

I hope you enjoyed my musings and please if you’ve thoughts drop us a line in the comments.

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