Sitting across from me is Brock, Edna, Legion, and Father Gabriel. I have a mixed collection of emotions especially as Brock describes Pokémon as cockfighting for kids. It brings laughter and a gentle reminder that Digimon is the superior series but that’s another discussion. At this point, Brian Lloyd interjects with his first reminder that he does not watch anime and I see these people as who they are, actors. DC Douglas (Legion from Mass Effect 2 & Mass Effect 3) continues to tell us stories of being semi-nude earning landing Geiko commercials. Kira Buckland (Edna from Tales of Zestiria & 2B from Nier: Automata) muses about the fandom of Nier: Automata surprising her on such a deep level.  Eric Stuart (Brock from Pokémon and Seto Kaiba from Yugi-Oh) brought the intimate audience to tears with a story about a fan from childhood to adulthood. Then we get to Seth Gilliams (Father Gabriel from The Walking Dead & Doctor Deaton from Teen Wolf) and he discusses the more adult roles he’s had but he brings it back when discussing his love of Teen Wolf and being inspired by the young cast. This was my first taste of Dublin Comic Con Anime Edition and it left me wanting more.

Going into the first day of Dublin Comic Con Anime Edition I was actually impressed by the stalls and what they had within them. When I saw the guests I worried the event wasn’t anime enough but the stalls filled with anime paraphernalia brought me great joy. There was a ton of cosplayers and if you’ve seen the GamEir Instagram you’ve likely seen the cosplayers were out in force. They were great fun and the mixture was impressive. At the guest tables, I met Tara Strong, got her to sign my Batman: The Animated Series Collection and when my sister realised that Tara also played Ariel’s daughter in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea I decided as an early Birthday present she should get an autograph and it was money well spent.

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I was hanging around with Emma Costello from RSVP and we met so many great people from all walks of life taking in the atmosphere of the con. The best part came from an interaction with Brent Spiner. Emma’s friend and I got to gush over our love of Star Trek The Next Generation and what joy his character brought to us when we were kids. It was a hell of a good time. When it all wrapped up and when we all went my separate ways I had a feeling of contentment that I don’t think I’ve had in a long time. It shows the power of heading to an event like this and meeting like-minded individuals. If you haven’t had the chance be sure to head along to your nearest convention because you’ll be sure to find friends there. Stay tuned for more articles about Dublin Comic Anime Edition and if you’re in the cosplay slideshow above be sure and let us know what you thought of the event.

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