This past weekend I got to interview Kira Buckland at Dublin Comic Con Anime Edition. She was an absolute delight and discussed the many roles she’s had the opportunity to inhabit. We talk about the fandom of Nier: Automata and how she has been blown away by the fandom especially because 2B is such a young character in pop culture circles.

We discussed several roles of Kira’s including Edna from Tales of Zestiria a particular favourite of mine as the character of Edna is such a fascinating individual with a deep and meaningful backstory. She also talks about bringing to western audiences the fierceness and bluntness of Ueno Naoka from the smash hit anime film A Silent Voice from 2017.

She also discussed going from audience to actor and how the change was interesting and how she has always has had an interest in performing but not being on stage so she gravitated towards voice acting. And we discuss Final Fantasy VII and her connection to it now with her role as Aeris in Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged. This was a particular highlight for myself because I adore Final Fantasy VII (it was my favourite).

And we end the podcast with Kira’s origin and what inspired to become an actor. Hope you enjoy this latest episode and stay tuned for more from the GamEir podcast Speakin’ Geek. And if you’re a fan of Kira Buckland let us know your favourite role of hers.

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