PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

As announced on Steam Friday afternoon, PUBG will soon begin limited open testing for it’s newest map Codename: Savage. Testing will begin Monday 2nd April at 7 pm PDT (2 am GMT) and run until Thursday, April 5th at 4 am PDT (11 am GMT). Codename: Savage will be the third released map for the popular shooter. The new entrant will measure 4km by 4km, which breaks from the 8km by 8km tradition set by Erangel and Miramar. Engagement promises to be swifter and more hectic given the shrink in size.

Limited places will be available for testers. In a developer blog, post-PUBG Corp announced:

“At first, we are going to do a more limited test for Codename: Savage to make sure that nothing is too broken. Again, it’s a super early build, we hope you understand. The next test will be bigger! We’ll update you on Monday about how you can participate. Keep an eye on our social channels to maximize your chances of getting a key.”


We like a bit of PUBG here at GamEir, so we look forward to any and all new additions. Already announced this year was the road map for the game’s development. Within their plans, PUBG Corp has detailed new emotes, vehicles, weapons, and attachments. All scheduled for the first half of the year. Following on from that we can expect new game modes, a new 8km by 8km map, and weapon and parachute skins.

All new systems are being tested and released on PC first, with the follow up on console thereafter. For continuing updates on every-bodies favorite (or 2nd favorite) battle royale game, and all other things gaming, stay right here at GamEir.


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