My passion began in 1998. I was 8 and on my midterm break, spending my days outside playing imaginary X-Men (I was always Wolverine) with my best friend (aka Cyclops). Between eating Coco Pops and watching The Simpsons in the evenings, I found my passion for gaming in the world of Metal Gear Solid!

Metal Gear Solid gave me a sense of manliness, as I sat on my Ninja Turtles bed. I kicked serious butt, using skill, stealth and espionage I defeated bosses but most of all I met Meryl.

Emotions, Relationships, and Action

Ah, Meryl! She put her mark on my heart. We bonded over death-defying battles and the odd enemy choke hold. I would call her on the radio to catch up, and as the subtle attraction grew, I wanted to keep her close and safe.

Suddenly my world was turned upside down, whilst in an icy cold alleyway, Meryl gets shot! I get pinned down behind a wall, while bullets pinged off the ground beside me. That accuracy could only be one person: Sniper Wolf. Now Meryl is on the ground bleeding out and I have never played a game so furiously to save another character, it was gripping.

This was the first game I played resulting in strong connections between characters and the player. Take the creepy boss Psyco Mantis for instance, who turns out to be a nice guy. Due to his heartfelt speech as he died, it revealed a soft misunderstood side and a horrible past. You felt pity, wanting revenge for his torture.

Creative and Rewarding

I loved MGS, it rewarded me for the hours I put in. There was an adventure, relationships and an awesome story that resulted in endless excitement. What could happen next? A fight with a cyborg ninja, or a bipedal nuclear missile launcher perhaps? My little Irish mind was not ready for this glorious Japanese inspired creativity it definitely ignited my passion for gaming.

We all have that one game that made a huge impression on us, which defined our gaming tastes and shaped our future gaming experiences. I’m happy mine was from the master Hideo Kojima, it shaped my young mind to the calibre gaming should be.

What was your first “game shaping” experience? One that moulded you into the game enthusiasts and lovers you are today? Hit us up on the GamEir Facebook page and let us know.

About The Author

Born in Dublin and fed games for breakfast. A self confessed Playstation nerd. Collector of all things retro to modern gaming . No matter what happens in life a good game alway provides an escape, hours of fun and challenge. I get my kicks sharing my gaming experiences and opinions. Psn: X2agent

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