Official gameplay of Nightwing and Red Hood in Gotham Knights has been revealed Gothamites. The upcoming open-world, third-person action RPG is in development by Warner Bros. Games Montréal. Narrated by Game Director Geoff Ellenor, the new video debuts an extended look at both playable characters as they bring justice to Gotham City’s criminal element. All the while they are also investigating clues around the mysterious Court of Owls.

In this gameplay walkthrough, each hero’s distinct fighting style and open-world traversal abilities are on full display. From Nightwing’s unique acrobatic combat and aerial glider to Red Hood’s twin firearm skills and powerful leaping capabilities.

Check out the trailer at the bottom of the article to learn more about Batman’s first sidekicks.

Gotham Knights Collector Editions worthy of the Dark Knight himself

This gameplay footage is not the only reveal, however. Gotham Knights is available to pre-order on all launch platforms. Players can pre-order various editions right now. These include the Gotham Knights Standard Edition.

There is also the Gotham Knights Deluxe Edition. This edition includes the base game and Visionary Pack downloadable content (DLC) with exclusive gear, and cosmetics. This even includes a Batman Beyond Suitstyle for you to customise your chosen character with.

Finally, there is the Gotham Knights Collector’s Edition can be pre-ordered. This particular collector’s edition will feature an augmented reality collectable pin, a 16-page media book, exclusive Gotham City map, a four-character statue diorama and more.

Additionally, pre-orders will receive the 233 Kustom Batcycle Skin at launch, based on the vehicle’s first appearance in DC’s Detective Comics #233. Though these are some interesting items I’m not sure if they increase my interest. Thankfully the gameplay showcased does. I’m looking forward to the release of Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights will release on October 25th. Furthermore, it will be available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. Unfortunately, it looks like it will not be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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