Good news everybody! The official first look at Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia has surfaced on the web. That’s right everyone we have been given a look at The Witcher.

Check it out below

Many viewers will notice that Geralt has his feline-like pupils as well as his luscious white locks. Some have stated Cavill looks a little too pretty to pull off the grizzled Witcher look but this early test shows they are definitely on the right track. He even seems to have the seemingly uncaring posture of Geralt down with the dismissive look he shoots the camera before downing what I imagine is one of the Witcher potions.

It’s the little things

Though the armour seemed to be fairly nondescript it gives an idea of where the mindset of the costume team is. The only noteworthy items missing are his iron and silver blades. I’ll be looking forward to how they look and if they’ll have the awesome runic designs.

For those we miss

It’s great to see what Geralt looks like in this first prototype phase. Now if they could just announce who’s playing Vesemir (I’m still pulling for Mark Hamill) I’d be even happier.

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