GET EVEN is coming May 26th and it’s unlike any game you’ve previously experience. A mixture of fun gaming mechanics, superior storytelling, incredible 3D sound design and stand-out composed music by Olivier Deriviere and writing by Stephen Long and Iain Sharkey. More about the music can be viewed here.

The game is a real labour of love and a single player narrative experience where nothing is what it seems. A mixture of shocks, scares and deeply emotional scenes that will impact the player’s journey. Something we would like you to experience.

In the lead up to launch the studio, musicians and writers have created a series of ‘side story videos.’ These will appear weekly and give you snippets of information and create intrigue. However, you’ll have to find out for yourself what happens.

Black – an ice-cold mercenary and hired gun – awakes in a mysterious old asylum with no memory of his past. Under the guidance of his anonymous captor, ‘Red,’ Black embarks on a form of treatment, facilitated by a unique technology – a headset that allows the user to relive their memories and experience them again in the present. And so Black tries to remember. With the help of the ‘Pandora’ headset, he travels into the depths of his mind to explore the truth behind the only thing he can remember: the failed rescue attempt of a teenage girl with a bomb strapped to her chest. Following leads and information gathered by Red, Black begins to piece together the kidnapping plot of the girl he failed to save. The more Black uncovers the more questions he has. Who’s Jasper? Can Red be trusted? And what is this ‘other life’ Black keeps seeing glimpses of? Black needs answers before he ends up like his fellow inmates, before he finally loses his mind, and before the Asylum takes him over for good.


Immerse yourself into a mature, movie-like story go deep into an intimate and mature story that unfolds in a movie-like way. Forget good and bad, your choices will bear their own consequences and affect the evolution of the game. Investigate and strike hard to uncover the truth Incarnate Black, a private investigator, and take down your enemies to gather evidence and solve puzzles that will help your further the investigation. Experience the graphical and audio revolution of GET EVEN Delve into true-to-life environments recreated by a unique 3D-scanning technology, for absolute immersion. All this framed by a single, in-depth sound design that interacts with your actions.

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