What started as an off the cuff tweet has turned into a possible first casting for The Witcher Netflix series which is in pre-production at the minute. With Lauren Hissrich recently confirming the completion of a draft pilot script, it seems that we may have our first main character cast, and its none other than Luke Skywalker himself.

Hissrich, who was announced last December as the shows creator, usually takes to Twitter to announce any major progress made in the show’s development. This week she took the time to shout out the shows main characters and gave a brief description of each one. When it came to the following tweet the fun really began…

Following on from this one astute follower of Hissrichs noted that Vesemir sounded a lot like the Luke Skywalker featured in the most recent Star Wars movie The Last Jedi. Tweeting at Mark Hamill himself, the worlds best-known Jedi has this to say:


Now, it’s important at this point to note the character of the man we’re talking about here. You see, Hamill is known as a bit of a joker, (and also The Joker of course) so while the Twitter talk can continue, there is a lot to happen between these innocent light-hearted tweets and us actually getting to see the wizened old actor playing one of the Witchers most beloved characters. It is exciting stuff, however, and any news updates on the development of the show are more than welcome, so stay tuned here at Gameir for all your Witcher Netflix show updates in the weeks and months to come. And just to whet your Witcher appetites here’s a follow-up tweet from CD PROJEKT RED on the subject:



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