Mass Effect Legendary Edition is only a couple of days away, and I am not prepared. I cried when it was announced. Not just teared up. Oh no, I ended up sobbing on my kitchen floor. Definitely not the best thing to happen mid-cooking, but oh well. It happened.

This week in particular feels very surreal. There are so many fans who’ve been waiting for this longer than I have been. However, when I first played Mass Effect, I was HOOKED. The worlds amazed me, the story wowed me, and the characters made me fall in love. Hell, some of the aliens felt more human than people I’ve known over the years.

You want to know what really made me excited for this remaster? Jennifer Hale’s reaction to the trailer. The trailer featuring FemShep heavily. Guys, I cried with her. I have adored Jennifer Hale since I was a little kid. Her voice was a huge feature in my childhood. Just in case you didn’t know, this incredible woman is the voice of Thorn, lead of the band Hex Girls. Yes, I’m talking Scooby Doo. This woman is a QUEEN.

Jennifer Hale brought her voice to a different kind of strong woman. Commander Shepard is ICONIC. Honestly, I look up to Commander Shepard. Yes, I know we also have BroShep. But let me have this one. Commander Shepard doesn’t take crap from anyone, she is strong and resilient. She is fiercely intelligent and loyal to her crew. And regardless of if you go paragon or renegade, she is undeniably human throughout. There is no one who could bring Shepard to life the way Jennifer Hale does.

Shepard herself aside, I cannot wait to step foot on all the graphically enhanced planets. I love being able to explore, so I will land on every single planet I can. But let’s be real, I am already prepping to romance my one true love, Garrus Vakarian. My space husband is calling to me, with shiny new graphics.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is going to take over my life for a while. It is all I want from this year. Lay all of this remaster on me. I need it. Also here’s a final reminder that Jennifer Hale is an incredible person.

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