Award-winning radio show One Life Left has released a charity single, featuring a host of games industry celebrities performing Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas?

The song has been given a “Marioke” makeover – where the lyrics have been changed from the original lines to be about video games. It is now available on the donation page here and on YouTube. Check out their video below:

For those who don’t know, Marioke debuted at Nottingham Game City in 2011, with just 25 songs re-written to be about video games. Prince’s Purple Rain transformed to be about David Cage’s Heavy Rain; Holding Out for a Hero re-written to be about Mario; Blur’s Parklife – you’ve got it – now about Half-Life.

Thanks to a regular monthly night at London’s excellent Loading Bar, the catalogue has grown to be over 350, covering topics as diverse as Candy Crush, GamerGate and waiting for Spectrum games to load. More information can be found at

The charity single reflects on a turbulent 2016, with lines such as “And this year is like iD Software, ‘cause it’s calling card is Doom” and “Well tonight thank God I’m lost in XCOM 2”.

We’re not saying the song solves any of the issues this year,” says Ste Curran, co-presenter, One Life Left “But we do, at least, reference a dozen brilliant 2016 video games that might distract us, for better and worse.

Wherever we’ve performed Marioke, it’s been the most wonderful night,” adds Ann Scantlebury, co-presenter, One Life Left, “so what better to celebrate this most wonderful time of year than by doing something good and saying ‘au revoir’ to 2016.

All proceeds from the song go to Asylum Aid, a charity that provides help and protection for vulnerable people seeking refuge in the UK. With the atrocities happening in Syria right now it is even more important that people forced from their homes are given support at the toughest time. Asylum Aid provides free legal advice and representation to vulnerable and excluded asylum seekers.

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