Around 3 pm this afternoon, the Instagram accounts of Henry Cavill and Lauren S. Hissrich both posted the first proper character images for The Witcher Netflix Series. The series of images depict Ciri, Yennefer, and Geralt, as well as their respective logos. Further to this we also got the series’ first poster; an animated image of Geralt, with his back to the camera, captioned “The worst monsters, are the ones we create“.

The best monsters are the ones we create…

Henry Cavill’s Insta is the best source for these images. He has the three principle characters laid out, alongside their logo images. Geralt(Cavill) is pictured in his now iconic leather armour, sword(just one though) in hand, eyes glowing with a yellow/orange tint. He wears the wolf pendant(his logo) around his neck and generally looks weather-worn, and disheveled. Exactly how a wandering witcher should look really. The logo itself is impressive; a dull grey steel, complete with scuffs and scratches, indicative of Geralt’s many wounds and scars.

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Anya Chalotra is striking and deadly as Yennefer. The age difference is noticeable with Geralt and should be. Chalotra has absolutely nailed, with a look, what we might expect from the character. Striking and deadly, with a close up that indicates wisdom beyond her years and depth behind her eyes. Most notably, is the grip she has on her dagger. It actually took me a moment to notice she was holding a blade, but it was glaringly obvious when I did. This is a person very familiar with a weapon, and comfortable with death.

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And finally, we come to the orphaned Princess Cirilla, played by Freya Allan. Ciri’s main image, of her, seemingly lost in a forest, is clearly taken from her wandering in Brokilon forest. A place where she nearly gets eaten by a giant centipede saved only by the actions of a certain wandering witcher. The character of Ciri is no damsel in distress though, characters in this world are rarely so black and white. Admittedly Ciri is but 10 when this encounter with Geralt occurs, but, maybe understandably, they’ve cast an older actress. Tellingly, there is no indication of fear in Ciri’s eyes, and we can see a sharpness in her look. Ciri was always more intelligent than her years suggested and surprises Geralt on more than one occasion.

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Hatred and vengeance blinded me … But I shall stand before them in humility.

So there we have it. Three principle characters, complete with garb. There is an authenticity captured here that was desperately needed. In order for The Witcher Netflix series to catch, producers will need to capture the grittiness apparent in the series. While there is certainly humour in the books, the characters must be genuine, and the world believable. These images are the first demonstration of that intent. All we need now is the release date. Or, they could be cads and go with a surprise release sometime this Autumn. Either way, we wait, patiently, like the hunter.

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