Bethesda has to make up for the disaster that is Fallout 76 to fans and newcomers to the series alike. Just like in 2018, the publisher has decided to not have an actual stand. The publisher will have just a presence in the Gamescom 2019 Media lounge. With Wolfenstein: Youngblood released on the 26th of July, DOOM: Eternal will be the remaining heavy hitter of GamesCom 2019.

BFG?! Bethesda, please!

DOOM: Eternal is the direct sequel to the, for me, surprise hit that was DOOM (2016). Will this sequel be able to build upon this or burn in the fires of expectation hell? In summary, what was shown at E3 2019, it seems it is well on its way to outdo its predecessor. The movement seems smoother. The music is kickass from start to finish. The demons design is really cool. Not to mention, the guns feel powerful and create a hilarious amount of gore.

What more could you want from a new DOOM game? In addition to all of the amazing features of DOOM, they have added an invading feature. Which is loosely inspired by From Software games, for example, the “Old Monk” of Demon’s Souls. A player can drop into your game and as a result, make your life a living hell. Depending on the skill level of the demon player, this will present players with a new and, for a shooter, unique challenge. It already has been revealed, that the game will be playable at the Microsoft stand. I cannot wait to get my hands on it at GamesCom and to start playing when the game is released on November 22nd on all current-gen consoles, PC and Google Stadia.

What else?

That really is a very good question, isn’t it? I am unsure if another update to Fallout 76 will make more than a few people happy. I know Todd Howard stated that the community is alive and well. That the community of the game is super friendly. Although, is that really the case? An expansion or even next part in the Evil Within series would be a way to make a growing fan base happy. I would not be surprised to see new entries into the Dishonored and Prey franchises. Since Bethesda used to have the license to Star Trek, it may be time to rekindle that partnership and release a new game set in that universe. That would make my old trekker heart very happy.

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