2K Games is releasing Borderlands 3 three weeks after Gamescom 2019 has ended. This naturally means that their booth will be all about the entry in this beloved loot-shooter. Some call it “Shlooter”. I don’t really like that term, but it does sound fairly fitting judging by the previous titles.

What we know so far

With the release date of September 13th, 2K Games and Gearbox can be expected to go all out when it comes to Borderlands 3. The 4 player coop loot-shooter is said to have 30 hours long campaign if you beeline it. I would assume that this will be multiplied if you have a tight group of friends, who are up to regular looting and shooting. Who will you pick? Moze – The Gunner? Amara – The Siren? Fl4k – The Beastmaster or Zane – The Operative? I personally always like characters like the Beastmaster. Having a cool companion by your side makes me always feel more powerful.

It will be interesting to see how the random gun generator will create the billion guns in the game. There is nothing worse than finding a cool looking gun and the stats not matching your playstyle. This, I feel, will be the make it or break it point. Judging by the previous games, the story and dialogues will often keep you in stitches. I am looking forward to all the cameos from characters from previous games, especially the integration of the Tales of the Borderlands characters has my interest peaked.

The promise of multiple planets that we players can visit does carry a certain expectation that there will be a great variety of not just seasons, but environments and interesting way of traversing the levels. I am hoping for some fun verticality. Maybe they could take a book out of From Softwares way of setting up levels. God of War also set a good rate of finding something anywhere and everywhere, although in some parts of the game I personally felt it was a bit too much “stuff”.

What else?

I have a feeling we may also get to see the next iterations of NBA 2K and WWE 2K. The question I am asking is, will we see a brand new IP or will 2K Games go down the sequelitis route and bring the next entry in such great franchises like Civilisation, Mafia, Spec-Ops or X-Com? I still sometimes spend time thinking about the story of Spec-Ops: The Line and can only hope they bring it back with another crazy good storyline.

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