Far Cry 6 is fast approaching, and I was lucky enough to play the demo. Before I get into things, I want to quickly say a huge thank you to my demoist for this event, especially as he managed to perfectly capture exactly why I shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Also thank you very much to Ubisoft for inviting us in the first place!

As the sixth entry in the series, the game has a lot to live up to for original fans. The viewpoint you’ll be getting today is of a more casual player, new to the main series. Before anyone gets mad at me, you should all know by now that my main forte has always been horror. Nothing is going to change that any time soon. And remember friends, this is just a demo, not the full game.

Demo Thoughts

I really can’t emphasise the beauty of the setting for Far Cry 6 enough. If it wasn’t for the whole dictatorship thing, it would be almost like a paradise. I should probably mention that I am partial to a pretty island. The impression I got from the gameplay is that it’s pretty much the same as before. Honestly, it reminded me a lot of Watch Dogs: Legion. Similar combat, driving, etc. We are currently in an age where it’s going to be more on the rare side for us to find new and exciting gameplay mechanics.

There was one thing that I really REALLY liked though. I loved the companions. I already knew about Chorizo, the gorgeous dog, I think we all did. What I didn’t know about was Guapo, the badass crocodile. He was my absolute favourite part of this whole experience. Kinda made me want a pet crocodile. Go all Steve Irwin on everyone.

We all know at this stage that I’m not very good with guns, but from what I’ve seen, Far Cry 6 has a HUGE range. I feel like everyone will be able to find some playstyle that works for them in here. The driving and horse riding does take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it is pretty standard. It’s also very easy to wander into side missions.

To be completely honest though, what I’ve seen of the story didn’t totally capture me. Again, and this is more so a reminder for me, this was a demo. Obviously, the full thing isn’t going to be there. And I did have fun with the missions I did, but for me personally, it felt more like… just doing missions. Not unwinding a big story. However, I do think previous fans of the series will love this game, and everything set to come after.

Post Launch Far Cry

Even though we’re still a month out, Ubisoft has already revealed the post-launch content plans for Far Cry 6. There are four different versions of the game available; base, Gold, Ultimate and Collector. The base game is the only one without the Season Pass, which can be bought separately. There will be three DLC episodes, playable solo or co-op. Only one player requires the Season Pass for co-op.

The episodes are:

  • “Vaas: Insanity” planned for November 2021.
  • “Pagan: Control” planned for January 2022.
  • “Joseph: Collapse” planned for March 2022.

On Windows PC, Season Pass holders will receive Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, while console and Stadia players will receive Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: Classic Edition. The Blood Dragon Set includes:

  • Blood Dragon Gear Set
  • AJM9 and Kobracon
  • Omega Enforcer
  • KillStar
  • K-9000
  • Blood Dragon Chibi

Additionally, the fight for a free Yara will continue with the addition of regular, free content, expanding on the Far Cry 6 universe after the release of the game. All of this will be playable solo or co-op. There will be weekly insurgencies, starting from launch week. Around new areas in the world, there will be 6 special operations. Additionally, there will be 3 crossover missions featuring guest stars and beloved brands – Danny Trejo, Rambo and Stranger Things.

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