So that’s it, huh? We’re some kind of Suicide Squad?

After a whopping five-year absence the Batman: Arkham developers Rocksteady have finally resurfaced! In the most blasé way possible they confirmed years of rumours by tweeting out that they are indeed developing a game based on the Suicide Squad.

For the uninitiated, the Suicide Squad are a group of DC villains who’re forced into black-ops jobs for the government. Ran by the domineering Amanda Waller the group has had an incredibly varied line-up over the decades. Series staples include the incredibly accurate assassin Deadshot, ridiculous Australian mercenary Captain Boomerang and she-clown Harley Quinn.

Of note is that the Suicide Squad was hinted at back in 2013 in the stinger scene for Arkham: Origins, wherein famed assassin Deathstroke was offered a place on the team by Waller herself. Whether this game takes place in the Arkham continuity is currently unknown.

The biggest draw comes from the teaser image itself. It seems Superman has chosen to get a terrible tattoo on the back of his head. Perhaps inspired by Jared Leto’s Joker look? This is a shocking new look for the Kryptonian and I can’t help but hope it’s just an awkward phase.

Oh wait, after consulting with GamEir’s Image Analysis Unit it seems like this is just a stylistic way to show that the squad will be facing off against Superman! An exciting concept given how goshdarn powerful he is.

Suicide Squad

So what does this Suicide Squad mean!?

Rumours state that the team will be facing off against the Justice League which seems like a recipe for some wonderfully daunting boss battles. Other rumours claim the game will follow the GaaS model with regular updates. These sources also claim the title will have a logical emphasis on co-op.

So who are you hoping to see join the team? This writer can’t help but hope for aquatic asshole Black Manta but there are decades of characters to choose from. Let us know!

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