Flamberge, developed by Hydezeke Games, in is Steam Early Access right now, with a playable demo also available. The pixel art title sees players take control of a team of intrepid heroes. Their homeland has been invaded, and they must band together to defend it.

The free demo features three playable missions while utilizing three plucky heroes along the way. Each character has their own unique skillset and weapons. Successfully complete missions, and you’ll earn XP, which can then level up your heroes. The full game will feature a narrative told over 6 independent chapters. At this time, the Flamberge Early Access build has 3 of those 6 completed, with a multiplayer mode in Beta.

Hyde and Zeke

FLAMBERGE is a tactics role-playing game featuring simultaneous turns. The player must plan out movements and attacks for each of their heroes, and then execute the turn. When the turn is executed, both heroes and enemies will move and attack at once. The player must anticipate enemy actions in order to win.

There are 20 missions available currently, promising up to 3-4 hours of game-play. Missions play out over a single map, viewed from above in glorious hard-to-discern pixel art. All the moves in Flamberge are turn-based. Each character, friend or foe, has a certain amount of time available to them. During the planning phase, you will decide how your team will move, and what actions to take.

The execution phase will follow and here your plans will play out, simultaneous to the enemy moves. There are visual cues to indicate enemy moves, allowing you to further plot and plan their demise. I was impressed with how quickly Flamberge drew me in. The soundtrack has some notable bangers, and the afore-mentioned art style is quite nice. Compounded to that the missions are genuine tactical puzzles, and the story features a nice touch of humour.

Flamberge is definitely one to check out for any turn-based strategy fans out there, or even pixel art enthusiasts (I’m sure that’s a thing). Anyway, take a peek at our preview video below, see what you think, and let us know.

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