We’re back with our concluding coverage of MCM Comic Con. After the last episode of Speakin’ Geek, this time around Graham finish’s his interview with Vic Mignogna, chats about tigers with Nell Tiger Free and works out how many versions of Shannon there is in the world with Emily Rose. There are many other interviews including Nolan North and Troy Baker but we’ll let you discover those on your own. Not only that but we have some hilarious stories straight from the con. For example, Graham couldn’t get an interview with Summer Glau but he did bring up something outstanding from her origin story which brought the house down at her panel. Not only that but Emily Rose, Nolan North, and Troy Baker have to contend with a poorly informed fan.

It was a lot of fun interviewing Troy about his new position for Middle-earth: Shadow of War. It’s always interesting to follow an actors evolution and as you’ll find out in the podcast this was Troy’s first time as a performance capture director, so best of luck to him. As well as seeing Troy again it was great chatting with Nolan again. He was his usual charming self and it was great seeing a different side to him when my little sister was talking his ear off about Pretty Little Liars, a side to him many of our listeners and readers may not know about.

Check out the list below to see where to skip to if you have a particular favourite from this year’s MCM Comic Con and be sure to listen to the first part of Speakin’ Geek’s coverage of MCM.

Vic Mignogna Interview Part 2: 12: 35

Nell Tiger Free Interview: 18:11

Emily Rose Interview: 22:03

Troy Baker Interview: 31:05

Nolan North Interview: 37:32

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