The visually stunning and tantalisingly addictive strategic mobile trading card game (TCG) Mabinogi Duel is set to receive a significant new content update. NEXON Korea Corporation celebrates the game’s first anniversary. The content update for the widely popular Mabinogi Duel, based on the acclaimed massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Mabinogi, gives fans a new story mode and special events for iOS and Android devices.

The “One Year of Mabi-Dueling Anniversary” update builds on the easy-to-learn trading card battle system by expanding the mobile game’s engrossing, an original story mode with the introduction of “Chapter 6”. Following the introduction of the new chapter, Duelist will receive new chapters to play with each new update patch in the coming months. The update also welcomes new heroes for players to add to their hero collection, including Lina Narcha and Chesha. Special events will also be available for players to earn coveted rewards.

During the anniversary event, all new and current players who log into their account will be able to participate in the following events and receive rewards:

  • The Achievement Challenge: Players will compete in the Arena, check attendance and more to unlock Ruairi’s special edition Hero Skins, the Pre-release Booster Unlock Ticket, Gems, Gold and other treasures;
  • Attendance Event from Nov. 16 – 19: Fans who log into their game accounts will receive the special edition Great Harvest card and a bounty of gems;
  • The Mutant Festival from Nov. 16 – 30: During this time, players will have three times the chances of acquiring P and Mutant cards and ten times the chance of earning ten unique cards;
  • Event Arena from Nov. 17 – 27: Players may participate in two rounds of the player-versus-player arena (limit cards of three stars and above) for rewards, including Super Boosters, Mutant Boosters, the special edition Great Harvest Card, gems, gold and other items.

The anniversary event will also feature a Special Edition Card Booster sale, where players can purchase:
The Special Edition/Mutant Booster Black Knight Card from Nov. 16 – 23
The Special Edition/Mutant Booster Angel: Partel Card from Nov. 23 – 30

Mabinogi Duel is available now to download in the App Store and on Google Play. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Mabinogi Duel be sure and head over to the official game website to see if it tickles your fancy.

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