Before I express my excitement about The Pathless let me give some background reference on the guys Giant Squid Studios.

Have you played ABZU, or Journey? Well then maybe Flower?

If you have not, then you are missing out on a unique experience, Big time! Do yourself a favour and check them out ASAP.

ABZU scored 9/10 on steam, Flower Won a BAFTA Game Award! Just read the comments section on Steam and you will see it how impressed people were with these titles.

The Art and the Creative Director Matt Nava (co-founder of Giant Squid) created ABZU, Flower and Journey,

He is behind these games and the newest installment The Pathless, so you just know it is going to blow your imagination into a million beautiful pieces and paint them across a twinkling night time sky.

These games are a genre within themselves. Giant Squid definitely makes their mark with a very unique ‘out of the box’ thinking and creativity, it is “game creation art” in its finest form.

The Pathless

Now Giant Squid Studios is returning with another title due for release sometime this year in 2019.

It looks just as insanely amazing and breathtaking as their previous ventures.

You are a Red Ninja ( also the best type of Power ranger) dashing through some Exsquite landscapes. But as with all of Giant Squid games, it does fit any mould, which in turn leaves us wanting to know more.

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What to Expect

I am in no doubt the visuals, music, mystery and appeal is guaranteed when it comes to The Pathless but what intrigues me is the trailer below which show some very interested Game-Play type footage. We see our Ninja heroine continuously dashing forward, Reminds me of the old Jungle Run days but in a far more awesome and immersive way.

This is what I love from a game studio, when they break from the norm and try something with a twist, a hint of spice to leave you tingling.

As for the story, we do not get much from the trailer at all but here is what the developers have written:

“Become the Hunter, a master of archery whose mission is to dispel the curse of darkness that grips her world.  Forge a connection with an eagle companion as you explore a vast, forested island full of secrets.
Solve puzzles in ancient ruins and test your skill in epic battles. Hunt corrupted spirits, but be careful not to become the hunted yourself. The bond with your eagle and the fate of the world hang in the balance.”

So there we have it, straight from the Squids mouth. A game of puzzles, action, a secretive vast Island that will put our skills to the test and a Frickin’ Eagle companion. That ticks all my boxes!

The Pathless is due for release in 2019 but no official date has yet been announced so make sure to stay tuned to GamEir for updates as they arrive.

Check back for our review soon.

Keep on Gaming.

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