Darksiders Genesis is the next instalment of this longe running franchise. I had an appointment with THQ Nordic to get a look at the new twists this title has to offer

Deadpool-Siders Genesis

The first thing I was shown of Darksiders Genesis was a stylishly drawn cutscene. In it, you can see and hear that the writers of this game are massive Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds fans. The dialogue could have come straight out of the comics or movies. This does fit with the track record of every rider of the apocalypse having a very distinct character.

Vertical Diablo

What I found really cool, is that the gameplay changes depending on whether you play singleplayer or co-op. This mainly affects the riddles throughout the levels. The enemies, at this point in time, only get more HP and deal more damage. The developer I spoke to said that they were thinking of adding a few more twists before the release.

A huge part of the game will be exploration. This is enhanced due to all levels having multiple tears. This experience is further enhanced, by the players not be tethered together. Each character can explore and fight in completely different areas without any issue.

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Squishy War, Tank Strife

To keep you constantly in the action you can respect on the fly. Want to switch roles who is the tank and who does DPS? No problem. Both characters control very differently. Stripe is more twin-stick shooter, while War is a classic hack and slay. So having a ranged tank is something I personally haven’t played before.

Highway to Darksiders

From what I have seen and was told by the developers, I am really looking forward to this game. The couch co-op means that I can sit down with my wife and have hours of fun slaying anything in our way. The level structure, respec, secrets, and collectibles will give me/us a reason to keep jumping in time and time again. Who needs doom slayer when you can have War and Strife, right?

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