There’s a been a host to report on this week as the buildup to e3 gathers momentum. Let’s take a look at all we’ve covered over the last seven days, and some biggies we didn’t get time for. Welcome to Gameir’s Weekly New Round-Up.


  • Indie game The Sinking City got a new trailer. Think of it as Silent Hill meets Sherlock Holmes meets LA Noire. Delightful.

The Sinking City: A Lovecraft inspired investigative open world thriller

  • Hardware gurus Razer dropped info on some new sticks. So it’s a good time for all you fight game addicts to harden up your palm skin with petroleum.(Note – don’t actually do that) The sticks are themed for Dragon Ball FighterZ and will release for PS4 and Xbox One.

Razer to release Dragon Ball FighterZ fightsticks for Xbox One & PlayStation 4


  • Ubisoft announced the first DLC for everyone’s favorite hick-shooting, bear skinning, wolverine-avoiding open-world action adventure game. Called “Hours of Darkness“, Far Cry 5s first post-launch adventure will release on June 5th.

Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness launches on June 5th

  • Capcom celebrated Mega Man turning 30 with the announcement of Mega Man 11. The new title will be released on October 2nd on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. That added to a host of Blue Bomber news recently; Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 released this month, and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 will release July 24. Mega…

Celebrate the Mega Man 30th Anniversary with Mega Man 11


  • One Piece World Seeker got a new trailer. The One Piece series continues to grow in scope and popularity outside of Japan. This new game looks gorgeous and the trailer shows off plenty of what the game offers. Have a look here and decide for yourself if it tickles your giblets.

  • Black Clover Quartet Knights got a release date. The second announcement for Bandai Namco this week, anime fans should pay attention to the magic and humour from the series is apparent. Black Clover Quartet Knights will release on PS4 and PC on September 14th.

Black Clover Quartet Knights release date announced


  • Play as a Lego Villain! Thanks to Warner Bros and TT games, we can now play the Lego bad guy in their newest game. Based in the DC Universe, we’ll be able to break bricks as a number of DCs Legion of Doom characters, including making your own super villain to play with, outstanding!

  • Aragami: Shadow Edition will release on June 5th for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Story expansion Nightfall will also release the same day. Turn violence into art and art into violence in this absolutely beautiful ninja assassin game. Be the shadows, my friend, be the shadows. Also, cutthroats. Be the shadows, then cutthroats.

Aragami comes out of the shadows with new edition and expansion

Weekly News Round-Up: Around the Web

Thats our news for the week, now lets have a gander at whats going on around the wider internet. Its basically all e3 rumors. So allow us to summarize for you in as blunt a manner as possible.

Microsoft @ e3

The gaming giant is expected to double down on its big franchises this year. Major announcement are anticipated for Halo 6, Gears of War and Forza Horizon. They may also give us some crack…down 3. Crackdown 3. Also expect an awkward VR segment were it doesn’t work properly.

Sony @ e3

Sny may have already won e3 2018 by virtue of Last of Us 2 rumors. Expect the games we already know to feature heavily, Spiderman and Days Gone for example. And we may yet learn just what the heck Shadows Die Twice is. Also expect an awkward VR segment were it doesn’t work properly.

Nintendo @ e3

Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Metroid, some kind of Mario announcement. Im just listing Nintendo games here, could well be there their lineup for e3. Could be their lineup every year. Its worked for them thus far anyway.

PC @ e3

EAs shared world shooter Anthem will feature big for PC, as will The Division 2. We also should expect better versions of most of the major console titles. Cos ye know, PCMR.

This week’s big games shout

The biggest titles to hit headlines this week, in order so you may see them.

  • Fallout 76

A new Fallout game is always welcome. Details are few for this one, but Bethesda will no doubt feature this heavily at their e3 conference. The trailer gives nothing away, but industry experts maintain a survival RPG or management sim will be the shift of focus for this new title.

  • Assassins Creed: Oddysey

An Assassins Creed game set in ancient Sparta. Spartans were known as straight up bad-ass warriors. They held no fear and never backed down from a scrap, fighting in unison within a phalanx to grind down an enemy armies front lines. Assassins are sneaky loners who operate in the shadows. Not sure how these two will marry together, but we’ll get a look at e3 no doubt.

  • For Honor

The sub-par release has not stopped this online stab em up from very slowly gathering a following. Continuous updates from Ubisoft have seen this game improve over time, and it now stands as a well-rounded action MMO. This week saw the release of the Past, Present, and Future trailer. Have a gander there. You know you want to.


  • Warhammer

Chaosbane and 40000 Inquisitor Martyr both have news this week. Chaosbane was announced as the first Action RPG set in the Warhammer fantasy universe, being dubbed as Diablo-like. 40k Inqisitor Martyr meanwhile, got a new trailer. 40k Inquisitor Martyr is also an action RPG, though obviously set in the 40k universe. Inquisitor Martyr will release on June 5th on PC, and July 5th for PS4 and Xbox One.




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