A Review In Progress: Heat Guardian
A stocking filler game but as a indie top down shooter goes: it is worth a buy.
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Feeling The Heat

Heat Guardian by Dennis Rudoy is not for the faint-hearted!

This is a hardcore PC shooter.

But before we jump into why there is a special aspect of this game that’s definitely worth a mention.

This game was solely developed and published by one man, Dennis Rudoy. So with that one fact in mind it definitely scores brownie points.

So from Ukraine with love (Dennis home country), here is my take on Heat Guardian.


Chills down your spine

Heat Guardians concept lies upon a freezing, dying world which has become infested with mutant aliens creatures.

Heat is your ally and indeed essential to your survival. Equipt with a type of bodysuit/ wood burner, your fuel your heat gauge by picking up timber and standing near campfire. move away from a heat source too long and you begin to freeze and die.

That is the simple stuff, yet as you start the game you get a real sense of what you are in for. your two options for playing the game are basically hard mode and impossible. And it does not lie!


Its tough, no joke it took me a good 10 goes to get past the first camp defence mission.

The Top-down gameplay fondly reminds me of some old PlayStation 1 top-down shooters such as LOADED.

Its hardcore and action-packed, the aiming system is great yet challenging as direction buttons can vary depending on where the crosshairs are pointing combined to your body’s orientation. You are open to attack from 360 degrees as swarms pour in so it can be very tricky.

Expect to die a lot in this game, if top-down shooters are your joy in life then this guy has nailed it as far as gameplay is concerned.


Heat Guardian is an immersive game, you get missions from your base leader and set out to complete them while also getting hints as to what happened and where these alien monsters came from.

It is a very dark, gloomy and edge of survival type story.

The game is literally about finding a last surviving settlement which can withstand the alien mutants and have a continuous source of heat. After all, you are the Heat Guardian. The name gives you a hint guys!

The music is fittingly as gloomy and yet paced enough to accommodate the sudden action that can arise out of nothing and catch you off guard.

The screams from the mutants as they suddenly appear adds a nice terrifying touch and causes a panic as you wonder where these monsters will appear form.


Heat Guardian after was made by one guy and at that, it is a brilliant feat that he has achieved. It’s definitely worth a play and has enough story and action to give you hours of fun or frustration as its difficulty deems appropriate.

Denis Rudoy has made a game based on timeless classics from the early PS1 era of LOADED and GTA top-down games

Heat Guardian is worth the €10.00 if you’re short on cash or looking for a filler between the releases of the next big titles. Ultimately though Heat Guardian is nicely done if not a bit repetitive after a few hours play.

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