Aztech Forgotten Gods has officially gotten its release date. The colossus fighter set in a Latine-Futurism cyberstone world is landing on March 10th. The game will be landing on Steam and Epic for PC and across the board on consoles.
In Aztech Forgotten Gods, players guide Achtli, a cybernetically enhanced warrior, on a quest to save Tenochtitlan, her home and the crown of the Aztec Empire. The Aztec people and their city have thrived away from European interference. This has led to huge technological advancements. However, something strange stirs. With this comes the awakening of an unfamiliar enemy. One that threatens the very survival of their metropolis.
Face off against formidable colossi. Bring the battle to Achtli’s foes wielding Lightkeeper, a mysterious prosthetic arm. An arm capable of propelling her through the sky and delivering rocket-powered punches. Engage in action-packed combat and push back against the greatest threat the Aztech Empire has ever seen.

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