Cryptic Studios has just released Rage of Bel, new story content for the free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter. The content is available now on PC and will launch at a later date on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Rage of Bel is an extension of the story for the latest update Infernal Descent and is a precursor leading up to the beginning of the story for the upcoming Neverwinter update. This episode has players take on a mission to defeat Bel, a menacing adversary, along with his most powerful lieutenants.

The Rage of Bel story

The breaking of the citadel’s chains has caused the archdevil Zariel to take notice. So she has sent her second-in-command and most conniving lieutenant, Bel, to destroy Vallenhas and any who would stand in her way.

What she doesn’t know is that Bel has other plans. Should he find adventurers tough enough to best him and his legion in combat, he may be able to give them the secret to defeating her.

Join the fight for Vallenhas’ freedom once more by becoming one of Alric’s Riftwardens. Speak with Alric to cement your place in the annals of this epic fight between the forces of good and evil.

I’m impressed with this kind of content update. I love when there are additions made to games to further expand on the world and already we have quite a large and expansive world in Neverwinter.

I’ve actually been playing Neverwinter as a way to stay connected with my friends but I have recently dropped off. This addition will definitely bring me back to conquer the Rage of Bel with my friends. How about you will you be dropping back into Neverwinter? Let us know in the comments below.

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