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Fireproof games, in association with Team 17, has announced the upcoming launch of The Room. The physical puzzler originally launched on mobile devices and PC in 2012. Following an immensely positive response, and with two full sequels in the bag, now would seem the perfect time to jump to console.

Man in the Box

This may come as a surprise, but The Room takes place inside, well, a room. Well, more accurately, an attic. The player is transported into this unique space and given a simple problem to solve. There’s a safe there to be cracked. With the promise of something ancient and astonishing inside said safe, you’d best have your thinking hat at the ready.

Players may move, inspect, and manipulate, pretty much any item in the attic. Each new clue may lead to a revelation. Each revelation will lead the player closer to their goal. The Room takes place in a world that’s got elements of magic and mystery but features real-world physics.

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POrt Everything To Switch! The Room has been rebuilt from the ground up for Nintendo Switch. It seems like a perfect marriage of systems. A physics-based puzzler, developed for touch screens, together with a console that doubles as a mobile device. The Room promises to utilise both the touchscreen controls in handheld mode, but also motion controls in the JoyCon controller.

The Room was one of the most highly acclaimed games of 2012 and remains one of the most memorable puzzle games of all time. First released in September 2012, The Room swiftly climbed the charts and reached #1 in over 60 countries. It has won multiple awards including ‘iPad Game of the Year 2012’ from Apple, the BAFTA for British Game and the GDC Award for Best Handheld/Mobile Game. The Room will launch on Nintendo Switch on October 18th for €8.99. GamEir.

Note: Kudos to anyone who noticed the Alice in Chains reference in this article. You’ve got good taste my friend.

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