The Blade Runner franchise has become an iconic fascination and inspiration of science fiction for generations. Throughout the years since its debut in 1982, it has amassed a large legacy. A legacy spanning two films, a growing library of best-selling publishing, games, and more. To mark the 40th anniversary, Free League Publishing and Alcon Entertainment will proudly welcome fans to explore that iconic sci-fi universe for themselves with an official line of tabletop roleplaying games in 2022.

The official RPG will proper players into the neon-noir streets of Los Angeles and will take on the roles of Blade Runners. However, characters will have different specialities, personalities, and memories. The Core Rulebook begins the adventure in 2037. The Wallace Corporation has just debuted the Nexus-9 Replicants on Earth. This gives players the choice of Human or Replicant Blade Runners.

This is a long-term licensing partnership with Alcon and will launch a tabletop RPG series. The series will draw inspiration from the full scope of the Blade Runner universe, spanning all four decades of world-building across all forms of media including Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049. Tomas Härenstam will fill the lead game designer role for Blade Runner. As well as this, setting writing is by Joe LeFavi and original artwork by the lead ALIEN RPG artist Martin Grip. Härenstam previously worked as lead game designer for ALIEN RPG.

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