Snakebyte group has announced the Tough:Kit for the Nintendo Switch, an all-new collection of highly protective accessories, designed to offer maximum protection for your console, Joy-Con controllers and games.

Designed for a perfect fit around the tablet and connected controllers, the Tough: Case has been designed to cradle the console when in handheld mode, safely preventing damage to fragile hardware. The rugged shell provides highly protective protection, including a scratch-resistant polycarbonate back cover. Available in a choice of two eye-catching colours: Strawberry Pink and Black, the Tough: Case is an easy choice for gamers constantly on the go.

The Game: Case is the perfect companion to the Tough: Case, providing storage and protection for up to four games. Small enough to fit in any pocket, the Game: Case affords peace of mind that the fragile games will survive any road trip in one piece!

Designed specifically for the Joy-Con controllers, the Tough:Kit includes a set of controller caps, protecting the fragile analogue sticks from wear and tear associated with travel while offering superior grip during play.

Lastly, the Screen: Shield PRO fits perfectly over the screen of the console to resist scratches and damage. Made from tempered glass, the Screen: Shield PRO is designed to offer damage free screen protection and a perfect fit for gamers.

Nick Repenning, CEO for Snakebyte USA commented, “Gamers are hooked on their Nintendo Switch, a console which has proven to be the perfect travel companion. Keeping their investment safe and secure at all times is an understandable concern, which is why we felt it important to bring together an ideal range of accessories which features everything a gamer could ask for to keep their Switch safe. The Tough:Kit can take it all and presents a superb investment for fans of portable gaming.”

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As someone who always found the Nintendo Switch somewhat fragile and having seen what can happen to it when dropped this is a lifesaver. Now what comes next is customisation, and varying themes. A Zelda theme Tough:Kit would not go amiss.

Stay tuned to GamEir for more information 🙂

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