Head’s up that the recently launched Dark Devotion has received a big update that spans several enhancements to the existing gameplay.

Not only that, the game is now 30 percent off during the Steam Summer Sale.

Featuring dynamic and heavy combat, Dark Devotion launched earlier this summer, testing the faith of its most devout players. Intricate systems of blessings, curses, and illnesses combine with hundreds of weapons, spells and items are yours for exploring – all set against a rich and complex tapestry telling a dark and unforgettable tale.

Dark Devotion’s sprawling, dilapidated temple takes adventurers through a twisted environment rife with mystery where they’ll encounter scores of dangerous foes slinking within the shadows.

Combat is deliberately paced and weighty, making mistakes feel impactful and every looting of scarce supplies a relief in a tormenting labyrinth partially inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe In Dark Devotion, faith is more than just a guiding light; it’s a precious resource demanded by an unappeasable God who is happy to watch you struggle against its most loyal Templars.

Dark Devotion features:

  • More than 250 weapons, spells, armour, and items
  • More than 180 blessings, curses, and runes
  • 18 unique bosses
  • Tons of replayability and various paths possible

Cian had his own thoughts on Dark Devotion, head on over to the review to learn more.

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