Crazy-silly, hyper-speed multiplayer physics fighting game Havocado has its first big update; adding buckets of watery fun to shooting, punching, driving over and magicking away your fellow combatants.

Webble Games’ debut title has been on Steam Early Access since April 25th, securing an impressive 9/10 rating. Which has proven a pleasant surprise for founder — and Havocado aficionado — Jordi Van Den Bussche:

“I guess what I didn’t expect was that this project would so much fun; the most fun I’ve had since I was a kid, really. We’ve established a pattern of working, with regular cooperation between development team and community. It suits our approach and the gameplay just keeps evolving.

“Our Aquageddon update is the first big update for Havocado and it means Team Aqua has truly arrived in the game. The other guys — Team Army, Team Aero and Team Alchemy — will get theirs too, of course. We’re really excited to see where the game will be when all teams have their own big updates live and in-game.

Jordi’s comments reflect the fact that there are four distinct teams in the game: Team Aqua, Team Army, Team Aero, and Team Alchemy. Each symbolises the vehicles and combat within the game but doesn’t restrict players to those disciplines. Think of the teams more as your choice of affiliation within Havocado’s ultra-competitive world. Teams have been adopted quite passionately by the community. Healthy team rivalry is most certainly a thing; so stick to your guns — or your boats, planes, and potions (no one wants to havo-cuddle with a flip-flopping floppy person).

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The Aquageddon?

Aquageddon, and this comprehensive Team Aqua update brings a whole new, thoroughly hydrating, sense of purpose to proceedings in the game. There are legendary items, which will turn your floppy fighting man into a fearsome aquatic monster. All-new weapons including shark launchers, eel guns, crab throwers and many more. As well as all-new items including a water turret, water jetpack — even a rare Sea King’s magical trident! There are all-new levels too (with some secret ones tucked away for you to find).

Those Havocado items spawn into the game, so if you can get there in time, grab them! If it looks like someone else is going to get there first, it’s ‘fight or flight’ time; and (from painful experience) we strongly recommend the latter.

Updates for Havocado’s other teams — Army, Aero, and Alchemy — are on their way. Right now, a giant octopus called Kevin, with a penchant for smashing you and your floppy friends around the arena, has already arrived and he’s all about repping Team Aqua! Can you find him? More to the point, when you find him, can you defeat him?

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