Devolver Digital all set for more insanity

If you haven’t witnessed the Devolver Digital press conference from E3 2017, I recommend you go watch it now. I’ll put it at the bottom of the page, you go watch it, then come back to me. Just so we’re both on the same page. Go now.

Now that you’re mind has been sufficiently warped, and you’ll be forever haunted by images of “bloody nosed woman“, we can move on…

Devolver Digital announced via twitter the time and date for their 2018 presser. Set for Sunday June 10 at 11pm ET, the show takes place at the “Dave Lang Memorial Convention Center”. That’s not a real place by the way. Dave Lang is a developer for Iron Galaxy Studios, and he’s not dead.



Last years press conference was Devolvers first foray at E3, and they left an impression. A colourful array of satire, violence, swearing and audience participation, one can only imagine what to expect this year. Although Devolver Digital have confirmed there will be “actual game announcements” at this one. That’d be nice.

The Developer

Devolver Digital are the team behind games such as Serious Sam, Hotline Miami, Titan Souls, Absolver, and more recently Minit. They’ve been very successful to date, and have a host of commercially and critically acclaimed games. If you’re a fan of indie titles, then no doubt you’ve played one or more of their titles. Thanks to their debut presser last year they’re now just as widely known for their sense of humour. They’ll be under pressure now to live up to the madness of last year, so make sure and tune in live on June 10th or watch it the following day, it’s definitely going to be a talking point of E3 2018.

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