Developer Archosaur Games has announced Noah’s Heart, a first-of-its-kind seamless open world mobile MMORPG that is powered by EPIC’s Unreal Engine 4.

The game gives players the freedom to explore a realistic virtual world where anything is possible, whether it’s setting out on grand adventures, fighting for a better world or just living a simple domestic life.

What is at the centre of Noah’s Heart

In Noah’s Heart, humans living in a post-civilization era enter a virtual world called “Noah”, which was constructed by a mysterious entity known as the Cube. This jumping-off point gives humans the opportunity to explore a potential future path within a world that combines romantic fantasy, steampunk style, and more to learn of the Cube’s secrets and discover the future of mankind.

Archosaur Games has created a vast network to produce a stylized Procedural Content Generator (PCG) in Noah’s Heart. With this technology, players are able to experience a seamless open world, whether they are traversing the planet’s mainland, smaller remote locales, or anywhere in between, and giving them a true open-world experience.

This also opens up more options for players to explore their surroundings, such as taking a trip around the planet in their favourite airship or reaching a mountain’s summit using nothing but their bare hands.

The virtual world of Noah’s Heart isn’t the only thing that’s interconnected; players can build relationships with NPCs across the globe, and conversations may end up triggering particular incidents or give players information that can help them along their journey. Cultivating deep relationships with NPCs through various actions will result in even more profound effects.

But that’s not all

In addition to an open world filled with an ever-branching story, Archosaur Games, for the first time ever in a mobile MMORPG, has added side missions that can also branch out depending on the player’s decisions.

For example, players may choose to keep certain characters alive during a limited-time rescue mission, resulting in the story progressing in different directions based on that choice. Once a choice is made, there’s no going back.

Noah’s Heart is planned for release on mobile devices in 2021.

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