The launch of Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout brought medieval mayhem to the Blunderdome, and the Season 2.5 update, features a ludicrous range of Round variations, numerous improvements and a brand new Round: ‘Big Fans’.

The Season 2.5 update comes with a fiendishly fresh creation to get players jostling for qualification. Inspired by the chaos of ‘See Saw’, ‘Big Fans’ challenges players with navigating rotating blades in a sky-high festival of precision tumbling!

The chaos of Season 2’s medieval madness has extended to classic Fall Guys Rounds in a right old medieval mix up! From today, players will experience a huge range of Round remixes which turn expectations and well-trodden routes upside down!

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Mid-Season 2 Update Details

In addition to the new rounds, a range of new features and improvements have also found their way into Season 2.5 based on community feedback and rigorous testing. For a detailed overview of the fixes, visit the Fall Guys blog.

Part of this ongoing process includes the launch of the Fall Guys Public Issue Tracker, providing a one-stop location to see issues the team is investigating and flags which fixes are next to drop. Be sure to give it a peek!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is out now on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. Stumble over to, join Discord and follow Fall Guys on TwitterInstagram and Tik Tok for regular updates and continue your inevitable failure in front of the whole world!

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