The Use of Life, the gamebook JRPG with roguelike elements has entered Steam Early Access. It’s a gorgeous looking game with a storybook aesthetic. It is also filled with a cast of tragic individuals that feel almost ripped from a Grimms’ Fairy Tale.

In The Use of Life become Goshe, a rabbitfolk who lost everything. However, Goshe also gained fearsome new powers. Players will engage in JRPG battles where smart use of resources and timing to count enemy attacks means the difference between life and death. To make matters worse Goshe can only revive a limited number of times. It is also best to note dying too often will put him back to the beginning of his quest from scratch.

Choose your adventure in The Use of Life

Explore a world full of events determined with the help of dice-like rolls, influenced by Goshe’s skills and the path he chooses. Walk one path to influence Goshe to find clever, sometimes non-violent solutions, or the Path of Flame where Goshe will leave a brutal path of vengeance in his wake.

The Use of Life is a beautiful looking game that looks like a JRPG version of the Animals of Farthing Wood. Will it live up to these lofty first impressions? Hopefully because for me this is one of the more interesting films of 2022.

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