Viewfinder is an upcoming puzzle title from S.O.S GAMES. Controlling your character through
this colourful world from a first-person perspective.

As you explore the environment you’ll find yourself with nowhere to go pretty soon but if you
look closer, you may find a photograph laying down in the area. Holding this photo up in front of
your face and lining it up with the environment causes something magical to happen. The
photograph is no longer a photograph and cements itself into reality, allowing the player to
explore the new environment once only contained on film, frozen in time.

Viewfinder could have easily stopped at that and called it a day with just photographs but from
all the previews they (S.O.S GAMES) have been sharing online, black and white film and
children’s drawings also can be interacted with and explored when clicked into place.

Puzzle games are few and far between but a puzzle game that harnesses the magic of making
you smile from a simple picture is rare and once you want to catch it on camera to keep it forever.
Viewfinder is currently available to be wishlisted on PlayStation 5 and Steam.

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