World of Warships: Legends

Naval combat on a huge scale, new screenshots and trailer at Gamescom 2018

Wargaming St Petersburg has dropped a bunch of new media for World of Warships: Legends. Legends is the upcoming console version of WoWS, the free to play online multiplayer naval combat game. Featuring historically accurate vessels from the first half of the 20th Century, WoWS prides itself on epic naval engagements. Up to 18 players can gun it out in massive maps, using a host of ship classes. Players can start out with small Destroyers, before upgrading to Cruisers, Battleships, and finally the behemoths of ocean warfare, Aircraft Carriers.

Legends has been built with console gamers in mind and to fit their needs. Much like we did with World of Tanks: Mercenaries, we’ve looked at how console and PC truly differ in play styles and preferences and tailored the experience with that in mind. Battles are more action-packed and take place between smaller teams, controls are reworked, and much more,”

–  Victor Kislyi, Founder and CEO of Wargaming.


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You sunk my battleship…

World of Warships: Legends adds a new dimension to this formula. This version introduces a variety of individual commanders to choose from, each with their own perks. Players can level up their chosen commander, or customize individuals to suit different ship classes. The game features over 200 ship variant across the four classes. Add to this the new commander choices and you have got a serious amount of customisation options. There is no need for any one player to field the same loadout as anyone else online. Great for all you individualists out there!

World of Warships: Legends is the console port of the already available PC version. There are two points to note here:

  1.  World of Warships is completely free
  2.  World of Warships: Legends will also be completely free

So what’s to lose? All we have to do is wait. World of Warships: Legends is scheduled for release on PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. No exact date just yet, but stay glued to GamEir and we’ll have it for ya!

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