Majesco Entertainment, in partnership with Ultimas and Silver Bullet Studios, has announced that the world tour of Geminose: Animal Popstars. Launching digitally in May with a physical launch to follow on June 18th, Geminose: Animal Popstars will set the stage for all ages with adorable and talented musicians.

Featuring ten animal musicians from all corners of the world, players will form a band and embark on a global journey to pop stardom. While playing through the game’s 20 original toe-tapping songs, players will also be able to master 30 different instruments. If playing solo isn’t their jam, players can challenge a friend and put their musical skills to the test with the game’s local two-player mode.

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Being an international popstar takes both talent and style, and the Geminose have no shortage of either. With hundreds of collectible items, players can dress up their band members however they choose. Styling the Geminose won’t be limited to just ensembles. Players will also be able to decorate each of the Geminose’s rooms in their rockstar mansion. Featuring decór from all of the vibrant cultures the Geminose hail from, players will be able to arrange and interact with every element in the room.

Between globe-trotting touring with the Geminose, players can unwind with a collection of mini-games. Confectionary connoisseurs can test their skills in Cupcake Samurai, slashing through baked goods with practised precision. Aspiring chefs-de-cuisine can head to the mansion kitchen and cook delicious recipes inspired by each of the Geminose’s culture.

A list of features in Geminose: Animal Popstars include:

  • Collect 10 animal musicians from around the world and form your hit band
  • Over 30 musical instruments to master
  • 20 original songs with hundreds of ways to rearrange them
  • Attract 45 ultra-cute Mashup super-fans via Geminose dance-offs
  • Play through story mode with Nimmy and Smudge managing your chosen band, or choose free play mode for endless hours of fun
  • Build and customize your rockstar mansion with hundreds of decorative items to choose from and interact with
  • Take your band on a world tour to unlock additional songs, outfits, and decór to deck out your rockstar mansion
  • Unlock the mansion kitchen and cook recipes from around the world
  • Play a variety of mini-games when on break from your tour
  • Challenge your friends in local 2-player mode using full Joy-Con control

Physical game collectors can look forward to the Geminose making their debut on the shelves of major retailers on June 18th. To keep up with the Geminose, visit them on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

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