PQube, Studica Solution and Electric Monkeys have announced the Gravity Heroes demo is available now to all players on all platforms! Gravity Heroes is on track to launch on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on next-generation platforms via backwards compatibility in the first quarter of 2021.

Step into the arena as a member of the Gravity Heroes, taking on hordes of Synthetic enemies as you attempt to restrike the balance between man and machine in a futuristic war-torn world. Your ultimate weapon is the ‘Gravity Shifter’, allowing you to manipulate gravity; use your unique abilities to cut down enemies, collecting power-ups, new weapons and switching up tactics to change the tide of battle.

With incredible pixel art aesthetic, classic arcade-style platform based shooting combined with the innovative Gravity Shifter mechanic, Gravity Heroes is a unique combination of retro titles we loved and modern indies that push the boundaries.

Meet the Gravity Heroes

An elite mercenary team enlisted to resolve growing tensions between man and machine, the Gravity Heroes stand as a united force against the tide of battle. Investigating the mysterious reason behind a broken peace treaty between humans and robotic-beings known as the Synthetics, players will be forced to cut down hordes of enemies in the pursuit of peace.

Gravity Heroes


A technological know it all – there’s nothing Abel doesn’t know about Synthetics. Unpredictable, high energy and a total nerd, his inappropriate sense of humour and class clown attitude lands Abel in some tricky situations!

Always cracking jokes in the wrong situations, he’d never pass up the opportunity to crack wise about his co-workers, but deep down Abel possesses courage, a pure heart and would not hesitate to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good.

El Tostador

The war may be humans vs synthetics, but that doesn’t mean all synthetics are evil. El Tostador was cut from a different cloth, a synthetic with just a little more than all the others.

With the prejudice surrounding his race being so cold, that they have no feelings, no humanity, no spirit, El Tostador is sweet, personable, funny and just a little clumsy! Far more than just machines, deep down synthetics just live in robot bodies, and sometimes it takes a guy like El Tostador to remind people of that!


The first-ever Gravity Hero, Magnus is a stubborn old veteran who refuses to acknowledge he’s not still as youthful as he always was. Magnus was injured in the very first battle with a synthetic on an early moon mission that cost him his eye.

Beholden only to his gut instincts, he is a tough but honourable soldier who can never quite shake the ingrained mistrust of synthetics. However, his vast experience and wisdom makes him an invaluable asset to the team who rely on his steadfast and stoic nature.


Passionate about the establishment of equality between synthetics and humans, Nala is a strong personality with a clear, laser point view of her end goal. Something isn’t right about this war, and she’s determined to discover what. A young scientist, Nala joined the Gravity Heroes on a voluntary basis as a member of the forensics arm.

However, her rock-solid, unshakable temperament, superior physicality and eye for detail immediately had her stand tall above her peers. A natural selection, she quickly rose through the ranks to join our 4 main Gravity Heroes.

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