Hell Let Loose, the strategic online first-person shooter is due to invade Steam on July 27th. Team 17 and Black Matter promise to bring us an Xbox and Playstation 5 version later in 2021. Set during the raging World War II era, you’ll play through many of the Front battles.

With the release next month the devs are introducing Russian forces and two new large urban maps. These new maps will be set in the Eastern Front: Kursk and Stalingrad. See all the true horrors of war in the latest game trailer below. 

Hell Let Loose strives to deliver the most authentic reenactment of large scale battles and all the chaos that comes with it. Each individual player is a cog in the large machine of war which can help turn the tide of the battle. As the fight unfolds, the two factions work to secure all the crucial resources they can. Capturing important sectors across the massive maps to influence the outcome. Drive across the battlefield in armoured tanks or disable the enemy defences with an artillery bombardment. You decide on your tactics. 

Strategic gameplay and communication with all your teammates is critical to a winning outcome. Both sides will see themselves split into ten squads of five players. Each of those squads will be led by an officer.

In turn, each officer will report to a single commander who ultimately decides on a winning strategy. If the strategy doesn’t succeed then it’s a defeat for the entire team. Hell Let Loose will be available on Steam on July 27th. 

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