Hermitage: Strange Case Files, the gripping horror adventure game by Arrowiz.  Due to release sometime this summer on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Giiku Games, the publisher behind the game, is due to announce the exact release date soon. Check out the latest trailer below.

Hermitage: Strange Case Files has already made a big impact in China. As a result, it is now being fully localised for the western release. Vowing to bring the game’s sinister mix of mystery and investigation to a whole new audience. Kicking things off in the Hermitage, the bookshop standing at the crossroads of a lonely junction. Serving as the go-to place for eccentric book worms. 

Hermitage: Strange Case Files aims to engage all players and wrap them up in a layered and immersive story. A game in which every line of dialogue and decision you make is an important cog spinning in an intricate story.

As the main protagonist, you’ll learn to question the lines between fantasy and reality. You’ll play as a former anthropology professor. Players will need to get to the bottom of a series of horrific incidents, taking on the supernatural horrors that lurk between the pages of Hermitage’s weird and wonderful book collection.

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