Brainworm Games S. L., an indie video game development studio, has announced that its first game (Blue Heaven) will be live on Kickstarter as of the 9th of May to fund its development.

Blue Heaven is a combination of action-RPG and Hack & Slash that is targeted only at adults. It tells a bloody story from a mercenary’s point of view whose work is to enforce the law in a futuristic and decadent cyberpunk universe where the central civilization crushed many centuries ago. The new settlements are archaic, and little is known about the events that occurred centuries ago, beyond what the Servants keep in the silicon codices that show very advanced machines that nobody knows how they were built or how they work. That is the basis of a creed that supports a decadent system with the cult of technology, on the illusion of becoming again what they once were.

You play as V1CT0R Wylde, a middle-aged man with a serious, aggressive, brave and skeptical personality, and with low life aspirations. Soon, he will have to abandon his world to explore unknown territories to save the last bit of humanity left in him, ending up involved in an unpredictable conflict.

As far as we know, this is the first isometric pixel art game that is using rotoscopy to animate their characters with all movements coming from real models that have been recorded to enhance the authenticity of the characters. That way, players will be able to fully immerse themselves in a game that brings together the classic pixel art with the rotoscopy technique to create a unique environment.

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The game is designed to be controlled with a keyboard or gamepad (with no need for a mouse), so it will bring an easy playability to its players where every detail no matter how small has been taken care of. You can find more information at the following link which includes aspects such as brushstrokes about the characters and the universe through some letters.

“We want to tell new stories without having the frames of what is politically correct. In Blue Heaven we want to create a universe that describes how would be the living in a futuristic cyberpunk Universe, with a very tough environment, and the only way to do that is having a freedom that the big studios can’t achieve as they are afraid of entering those wild lands.” Said Alejandro Villalba, director of Blue Heaven at Brainworm Games.

Blue Heaven looks to be a unique experience and definitely something worth everyone’s time. Check out the deliciously dark trailer below.

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