Main Assembly has just officially rolled itself out of Steam early access. The robot building sandbox game challenges you to create all sorts of problem-solving machines. Get your thinking cap on because it’s time to construct the most complicated and intricate machines and robots you can come up with. And now that the full game has released, it gives you more ways than ever before to get creative.

Build More Machine Than Doctor Eggman

In Main Assembly, you’re a jack of all trades. The designer, the engineer and the architect tasked with rolling out handy robots to complete tasks and perform specific actions. Along with Main Assembly’s full launch, it released the Final Frontier. This is extra content to the game that adds in zero gravity to the game.

A new map to build robots in space if you’re looking for an extra helping of sci-fi. And the most important new addition to the game is to be able to add rocket engines and lasers to our beautiful creations. 

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Main Assembly has been gradually adding to features and content while in early access. Features like the aquatic systems, new environments, bot brawls and much more. It’s nice to see the developers constantly providing players with new activities to explore in the game.

If you’re looking for a game to test out your creative building skills, there’s no better time to jump into Main Assembly. It’s available now on Steam, with 20% off until 2nd February.

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