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Lauren Hissrich has been at it again. Writer and creator of the Netflix Witcher TV show, Lauren has been tweeting away with more show details. The latest announcements come off the back of a major Netflix event in Rome. The “See Whats Next Event” took place this past weekend. Hissrich alluded to it in the first of a series of tweets.

Hissrich goes on to confirm that the series will be set at 8 episodes per season, with no time-frame for release just yet, though she guesses at 2020. The Witcher will be filmed on location in Eastern Europe. This should give the show an authentic feel, given the books are based in a similar location. It was also this part of the world that Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski drew inspiration from for the book series.

Hissrich claims the episodes will be an hour long, and that “The episodes can be tight, action-packed, rich in character and story, without lagging in the middle of the season.” These new announcements follow on from tweets earlier in the year about the pilot being finished. However this time Hissrich clarified that the pilot still needs to be polished, and the remaining 7 episodes exist only in her head.

To summarize what we know so far then;

  • The show will be based on the books.
  • Hissrich is the show lead writer
  • Series creator Andrzej Sapkowski will come on as creative consultant.
  • The first season will be 8 episodes.
  • Mark Hamill is interested in picking up a role
  • Only the pilot script is finished but needs to be polished.
  • A writing team is being assembled to help Hissrich finish the remaining 7 episodes.
  • Lauren Hissrich likes to tweet.

That’s about it for now. We can be sure more details will emerge gradually over the coming months. With cast announcements, of course, being hotly anticipated, stay here at GamEir for any news as it drops.

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