23 years ago the iconic Final Fantasy VII was released and in celebration Square Enix has released a new first look video of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake and also a behind the scenes look at the recording of the official theme song, Hollow by the composing genius of Nobuo Uematsu.

There is so much in this new trailer that I needed to watch it a few times just to get my head around it. We got to see Scarlett, Palmer, Reeve, Hojo and not to mention the first look at Red XIII. I am glad they are showing more of the Shinra Corporation execs and how their background dealings kick started the whole adventure. There is also some interactions between Cloud, Tifa and Aerith and how important she is to the whole planet plus there is a great flash back scene with a young Cloud and Tifa (with Cloud sporting a dodgy looking ponytail).

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One scene I never thought we were getting was a look at the Honey Bee Inn and a cross dressing Cloud, there were loads of rumours that this was being completely cut out so it was a brilliant surprise. Summons wise there was a glimps of Leviathan and the pre-order bonus summons of Chocobo/Moogle which looked really fun. The think I have been waiting for since I saw the first trailer was Sephiroth and a proper interaction between him and Cloud, not only did we get that but we also heard him speak for the first time.There was some gameplay to wrap it all off with Cloud and company fighting more Shinra machines and surprisingly the Genova monster at the end, I thought they would keep that under wraps until release but I’m not complaining.

All in all this Final Fantasy VII Remake video has made me want the game even more and has me very excited to see what else they have in store for us and how else they have expanded my favourite game ever.

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