Attention PlayStation fanboys, Sony has indeed filed a patent as a method of finally bringing backwards compatibility to their new project the PlayStation 5. Reports suggest that the newly rumored PlayStation 5 will be able to run previous PlayStation software which basically means that this should allow the new system too run PlayStation 1,2,3 and 4 titles.

Considering the success of PlayStation 4, backwards compatibility was the one thing Sony did not change its stance on when it came to their PlayStation 4 but it seems like that may be about to change with the new generation of console. The one question we must ask is this too good to be true? well considering PlayStation 5 is supposedly just around the corner makes me believe it’s not just coincidence but again patents happen frequently in the gaming industry so don’t start throwing parties just yet.

In my opinion this is something Sony must bring out with the PlayStation 5 on launch, they are a whole generation of consoles late to this party with Xbox One coming with the backwards compatibility feature on day one in 2013. Of course things may change in the coming months with all PlayStation 5 rumors and news dropping before E3 which of course Sony will no be attending for some reason, ohh I don’t know maybe they have there own big event planned *wink* *wink*. For more news surrounding PlayStation and there wacky ideas stay tuned in to for more information in the coming months.

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